About Welmetal

Founded in the early 1980s, welmetal is well-known in the industry for its high-quality products, excellent services and honest management, and has made outstanding contributions to the infrastructure and economic development of the special zone. Now it has become a metal material provider with the most complete supply chain system and the widest variety in the region. In recent years, with the planning and construction of the Greater Bay Area, the company has also developed vigorously in business sectors such as municipal projects and steel structure projects.

Welmetal Trade

  • Welmetal Investment
    Welmetal Investment

    Shenzhen Welmetal Investment Development Co., Ltd. ("Welmetal Investment" for short) was established in 2013. It has successively invested and held shares in steel, logistics, Internet +, biopharmaceuticals, cross-border e-commerce and other industries. The industry is developing diversified. .

  • Welmetal Steel
    Welmetal Steel

    Shenzhen Welmetal Steel Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huami Steel") was established in 1981, specializing in the production and processing of construction steel.

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  • Welmetal Baohua
    Welmetal Baohua

    Guangdong Welmetal Baohua New Material Development Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Huami Baohua") is a manufacturing enterprise controlled by Huamei Steel, with an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of construction steel and industrial materials.

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  • JinChengTong

    Shenzhen JinChengTong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (Jinchengtong for short) is a metal material supply chain company integrating financial and logistics services.

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  • Huaxintai

    Dongguan Huaxintai Metal Technology Co., Ltd. ("Huaxintai" for short) is an industrial base that integrates the development of intelligent welding robots, research and development of new welding materials, large-scale steel structure manufacturing and prefabricated steel structure green buildings.

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  • Xinda Machinery
    Xinda Machinery

    Shenzhen Xinda Machinery Equipment Leasing Co., Ltd. ("Xinda" for short) is a professional construction enterprise integrating engineering material leasing and municipal construction, mainly serving the fields of urban rail transit and water environment management.

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  • Welmetal Resources
    Welmetal Resources

    Welmetal Resources Group Limited, established in March, 2012 in Hong Kong, focus on steel products businesses, namely, the exclusive supply of comprehensive steel materials, total logistics as well as finance solutions and major construction projects in Hong Kong and Macau. Overseas distributors of finished steel products import and export of steel raw materials… and etc.


Invest in emerging industries to take
the road of sustainable development

With Welmetal Investment as the investment platform, comprehensively integrate resources, actively promote independent research and development and the layout of emerging industries on the basis of the development of the main business, and lead the company on a road of sustainable development of "industry + investment".

  • Cross-border e-commerce China Europe business
    Cross-border e-commerce China Europe business

    Shenzhen China Europe business Holdings Co., Ltd. is an in-depth operation service provider of supply chain + new retail. The company is committed to assisting brand enterprises to realize supply chain restructuring, category restructuring, and service restructuring to meet modern consumer demand and service demands to cope with China's consumer tiered market.

  • Biomedical-Baili Harbor
    Biomedical-Baili Harbor

    Shenzhen Baili Harbor Biotechnology Investment Management Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Baili Harbor") is an entrepreneurial comprehensive service enterprise in the biomedical industry with "early investment + full-service" as its main feature. Its main business involves Bailigang Biomedicine The operation and management of the Pioneer Park and the angel investment of start-up projects in the biomedical industry.

  • High-tech industry-Chuan Chuan Technology
    High-tech industry-Chuan Chuan Technology

    Shenzhen Chuan Chuan Technology Co., Ltd. (also known as “Chuan Chuan Fashion Cloud Factory”) is a flexible clothing manufacturing base built in Bao’an, Shenzhen. It mainly provides fabric procurement, pattern making and printing for small and medium clothing brands, clothing merchants and original independent designers. Small batch production as one-stop supply chain service.

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